Celebrating 25 years of our venture, with a decade long experience in the industry and the support of a highly innovative research team, our company has achieved great heights of success in the bicycle manufacturing and trading business. We constantly try to maintain its prosperity and performance to keep pace with the everyday changing market. We are motivated to provide the best of class experience to our customers which would bring them the joy of not only riding with pride and but also being a part of this ménage.

Our quest to build a sustainable business relentlessly pushes us to break boundaries by innovating, designing and reinventing to set the industry benchmarks. In the new age of technology and a highly competitive trade, ceaseless improvement towards the product is very vital. We bring together the right minds and enable them with the right tools to create a transforming business which would not only survive but thrive in the dominant marketplace.

In our pursuit to supremacy, we also make efforts in considering the environmental effects of industrial revolution. We believe safety of utmost importance. Our endeavor is to prosper with an environment friendly system to ensure the safety of people and everything around them.

Using the latest technology and conforming to both Indian and International Standards, our production unit is efficient of large volume manufacturing to keep up with the customer demand and content.  Our aim is to consistently provide customer requirements while meeting the required regulatory components. This process of product and constant quality improvement has helped us attain trust and confidence of such a large base. With our industry experts and excellent use of new age technology we continue to deliver the best products acknowledged worldwide. While we continue to evolve bigger and better, our loyal customers keep us grounded and inspire us to keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive.