No, it depends upon frame width of bicycle. If spacing between the rear dropouts is either 130mm or 135mm, then one can add gears. Many single speed bicycle use 120mm frame width, so very difficult to mount gears.

It makes ride more comfortable and less strenuous by changing gears as per the terrain. Geared bicycle is easier to ride than single speed bicycle.

Bicycle helmets provide necessary protection and safety in case of a fall or crash while riding. It makes the rider highly visible on the road. Bicycle helmets are also ventilated to speed up sweat evaporation and work to keep the head cool.

Yes, all Starlit products are available within 6 months warranty.

Yes, you can mount 7 speed freewheel on your 6 speed bike, only you have to change 6 speed shifter with 7 speed shifter, as generally all rear derailleurs are compatible with 6 & 7 speed gear.

Yes, it is compatible with any cycle, but we have product fitting into 28.6mm & 31.8mm tube dia.

Trigger shifters are slightly better than grip shifter because of no danger of accidental shifting during ride. Trigger shifters are more precise than grip shifters. The biggest disadvantage of grip shifters is that the hands get sweaty or gloves get wet so shifting becomes very difficult.

Yes, Disc Brakes can be fitted to any mountain bike. There are products available for retro fitting.

Hydraulic  disc brake is better. It provides more brake power with less effort and the brake force is more than normal disc brake. Hydraulic disc brake is closed so unaffected by dirt or debris like normal disc brake can be.

The biggest advantage of QR Hub set is that it can be mount on bicycle frame quickly and without use of any spanner.

Fully Sealed Cartridge BB Axles are smoother than Unsealed BB Axles. Fully Sealed Cartridge BB Axles require less adjustment and also easier to keep clean . More weatherproof as they are fully sealed.

Definitely, Cotterless Chain Wheel Cranks are better and superior mechanically to Cottered Chain Wheel Cranks. Cottered Chain Wheel Cranks are strong for forward pedaling but weaker for reverse pedaling also needed regular inspection and tightening to work properly.

There are two widths of chain – 3/32” for multi-speed (derailleur intended chain) & 1/8” for single-speed. Multi-speed chain will have plates designed to work with gear shifting. Single-speed chain is noisier with shifting issue on 3/32” components.